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Traditional Llanboidy Cheeses
                          a natural taste of Wales

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Following the sale of our herd of Red Poll cattle in 2007 the traditional Llanboidy Cheeses are now made with local Welsh milk which is pasteurised by Colin in our purpose built farm dairy. We are proud to combine the natural cheesemaking process with a quality assurance scheme that guarantees full traceability from milk to dinner table

Llanboidy Cheese

The cheese is handmade in the traditional way by Alice and Jackie to our unique recipe and then is  matured in its own natural rind and turned by hand on wooden shelving.

After 12 /16 weeks each batch is tasted to ensure the unique flavour has developed which has been called “the natural taste of Wales”

This cheese has an exceptionally smooth, almost silky, texture which is described by our customers as
“a simple yet scrumptious cheese” which “encourages you to keep nibbling and relishing the taste”

It can be enjoyed eaten simply with good crackers and a glass of wine or used in sauces – it goes particularly well with beef dishes

Llanboidy Traditional Farmhouse Cheese was named Best Welsh Cheese and Gold Award winner at the Nantwich International Cheese Show 2007  which attracted entries from cheese makers across the world . It was proof too that the secret is in the recipe, following the company’s change of milk supply -  teaming up with West Wales farmers’ co-operative Llaeth Cymreig to provide the high quality milk for making the traditional cheeses, ensuring the preservation of the their distinctive flavour

Llanboidy with Laverbread Cheese

'a marriage made in heaven’  - Laverbread, an edible seaweed harvested from the South West Wales coastline, is mixed into the Llanboidy Cheese during the making process. It gives the cheese an attractive speckled appearance and draws out interesting and subtle flavours in the cheese. This is a younger cheese matured in its own rind for about 6 weeks  before sale and has proved extremely popular for cheeseboards and ploughman’s lunches and a good talking point at dinner parties.

Great grilled on decent bread with chunks of bacon and a tomato salad  as a quick brunch

Not to be outdone our Llanboidy with Laverbread Cheese was Reserve Winner in the Welsh True taste Awards 2007.

An entry in a book from that time states,
"the milk of the red Poll was eminently suitable for cheesemaking."

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